The start of Dakar 2024 is in sight!

Hundreds of fans, family members, friends, and partners have gathered in Huizen for the farewell day of the Coronel Dakar Team. The two duos —Tim and Tom Coronel and Michel Kremer/Thomas de Bios—were present and visitors had the opportunity to admire the race cars, service trucks with trailers and the press car up close. The vehicles and equipment are now on their way to Spain, from where they will be shipped to Saudi Arabia, where the Dakar Rally will take place in January.

The Dakar Rally is an annual event where drivers from all over the world come together to participate in the world's most extreme off-road race. Last year, Tim and Tom Coronel managed to finish the race, and they plan to do so again this year, alongside the other duo, Michel Kremer and Thomas de Bois.

It's always an exciting race full of surprises, which is why MPM is proud to support the teams with the very best oils and fluids, aiming for another excellent result.

Dakar Rally

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